We’re excited to announce Core Vet Consulting!

Growing a thriving and profitable veterinary practice is a combination of business strategy and day-to-day office operations. To help you reach your goal and take your practice to the next level we are excited to bring you Core Vet Consulting (CVC).

For years, Stopp & VanHoy has been serving the veterinary profession with tax, accounting and financial services. We’ve seen the challenges faced by veterinarians looking to offer outstanding care to their patients while also managing their business.  To help meet this need, we’ve formed Core Vet Consulting as the next step in our evolution and we believe it can be the next step in yours as well. 

We are partnering with Dr. Stewart Robson and Jessica Sanders (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager) of Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital, to bring you Core Vet Consulting. The goal of CVC is to serve our clients with business and financial guidance connected directly to the day-to-day decisions real vets make.

We understand that running a veterinary practice is complex and dynamic. Every decision – from marketing and staffing to how you communicate with your patients (and their humans) –  affects your ability to grow in a profitable way. 

CVC’s unique blend of tax and accounting knowledge along with real world experience from successful veterinary practitioners can help you grow to the next level in every area of your practice. You’ll have access to a wide range of tools and perspectives to refine and optimize all areas of your operations and practice management. 

To learn more about what CVC can do for your practice, feel free to reach out to us at keithv@stoppvanhoy.com.